America's Next Top Model
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Chart History
Overall #112
Amazon #17
Hulu #40
Reality #7
America's Next Top Model in Top TV Overall
Recent News
Condemn Tyra Banks if you will, but we still love cruelty on TV
The America’s Next Top Model host has faced criticism for past misdemeanours, but the rapturous reception for Love Is Blind shows that reality TV still trades on nastinessGiven the amount of uncertainty...
Tyra Banks Apologizes for Harsh, Resurfaced ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Clips
Tyra Banks has broken her silence on several clips from “America’s Next Top Model” that have resurfaced on Twitter and have not aged well.The major video that caused Banks to respond was from season 6...
Tyra Banks Apologizes After Being Blasted For Insensitive Remarks In ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Clip
Tyra Banks has apologized for comments she made in a 2006 episode of America’s Next Top Model after a clip of her criticizing a contestant’s tooth gap went viral in recent weeks, triggering a storm of...
Tyra Banks on Criticism of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Insensitivity: ‘I Agree With You’
Tyra Banks says she agrees with criticism that her behavior in some moments on “America’s Next Top Model” during its 24 seasons were insensitive.“Been seeing the posts about the insensitivity of some past...
Tyra Banks Breaks Her Silence on Problematic America's Next Top Model Moments
Tyra Banks agrees that America's Next Top Model has aged, well, poorly.  The Sports Illustrated covergirl and host of Antm came under fire this week when resurfaced clips from the long-running modeling...
Tyra Banks' Iconic ''We Were All Rooting For You'' Moment Happened 15 Years Ago
You wanna be on top?! Tiffany Richardson didn't win America's Next Top Model in cycle four, but she did leave a lasting impression. As fans of the reality TV series will remember, Tyra Banks uttered these...
Tyra Banks: 'Thank God people know me as more than just a mannequin'
The straight-talking host of America’s Next Top Model has plans for a global empire. Is the world ready?“Oh my God, look at you!” Tyra Banks shouts from down the hallway. I’m in the supermodel-turned-supermogul’s...
Tyra Banks Postpones ModelLand Theme Park Opening
Tyra Banks has put smizing on hold.The “America’s Next Top Model” host is postponing the opening of ModelLand, a theme park opening in Santa Monica, Calif. A new launch date has not been announced.“In...