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Chart History
Overall #456
Netflix #164
TBS #12
Talk #11
Comedy #156
Conan in Top TV Overall
Recent News
Dax Shepard Cannot Wait To Spend Kristen Bell's Frozen 2 Paycheck
Dax Shepard is Frozen 2's biggest fan. During an appearance on Wednesday's Conan, the actor talked up his wife Kristen Bell's latest animated adventure, starting things off by rolling a clip from the chilly...
Sonic The Hedgehog Creator Wants To See Original Design In An Alternate Cut
It’s safe to assume that many of us have been appeased now with the new design of Sonic the Hedgehog. Despite some fans still unhappy with how things are going though (and with Conan O’Brian trolling the...
Something Is Very Different With Conan’s ‘New & Improved’ Sonic the Hedgehog (Video)
Sonic the Hedgehog got a makeover this week and he’s been making the the rounds to show it off, starting with an appearance on Tuesday’s “Conan.” And when the speedy blue guy stopped by Conan O’Brien’s...
Votd: ‘Conan’ Explores Ghana’s Totally Insane Movie Poster Art Industry
Movie posters have lost some of their artistic value in recent years as studios opt foe cheap Photoshop jobs instead of stunning illustrations. But in case you haven’t heard, artists in Ghana have breathed...
Conan Makes a Wildly Inaccurate ‘Conan’ Trailer Based on Its Wildly Inaccurate Ghanaian Movie Poster (Video)
On his recent trip to Ghana, Conan O’Brien visited one of his favorite painters — the Ghanaian movie poster artist, Daniel Anum Jasper.Known for adding tastefully grotesque embellishments to posters for...
Tom Cruise's Approach to Stunts Is Too Much for Even Matt Damon
For years, fans have watched Matt Damon and Tom Cruise star in classic action movies. They've seen Damon transform into Jason Bourne for the Bourne series and Cruise channel Ethan Hunt for the Mission:...
UTA Signs ‘Terminator’ Star Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed with UTA, the company announced on Monday.The agency will represent the global superstar and two-time Governor of California in all areas.Schwarzenegger, whose films have...