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Overall #14
Netflix #10
Comedy Central #1
Comedy #5
The Office in Top TV Overall
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The Michael Scott x Ryan Howard relationship is a complex one on The Office. Both Michael and Ryan are straight men who have had their fair share of relationships at the office and yet there's always been...
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Over the course of nine seasons, The Office has seen its fair share of changes. Some fans even say that the series was on a downward spiral after Michael left in the seventh season. With a change in regional...
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Gabe Lewis came to The Office in the sixth season after Sabre merged with Dunder Mifflin. And whether or not fans are pro- or anti-Gabe, he sure did bring a lot of laughs to the series as a supporting...
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Season four is definitely an unconventional one for the hit NBC comedy, The Office. Because of the writers' strike, there is an abbreviated number of episodes. However, many of the early installments in...
‘Upload’: Kevin Bigley, Allegra Edwards & Zainab Johnson To Star In Amazon Series; Three More Cast
Exclusive: Kevin Bigley (Undone), Allegra Edwards (New Girl) and Zainab Johnson (American Koko) are set as series regulars opposite Robbie Ammell and Andy Allo in Amazon’s sci-fi comedy series Upload,...
What Did the Note Jim Gave Pam on ‘The Office’ Say? Jenna Fischer Comes Clean
In "Christmas Party," episode 10 of The Office's second season, the Dunder Mifflin secret santa involves (among Michael Scott's iPod debacle) a teapot given to Pam (Jenna Fischer) from Jim (John Krasinski)....
‘The Portable Door’ Will Team Christoph Waltz and Guy Pearce With the Jim Henson Company
Christoph Waltz and Guy Pearce will star in The Portable Door, a fantasy-adventure-comedy based on the book series from Tom Holt. The Jim Henson Company and Story Bridge Films are producing the film, which...
Please Go Back To Comedy Steve Carell, Your Origin Story and ‘The Office’ Fandom Demand It!
Steve Carell is an incredibly talented actor. His meteoric rise to fame is due to his role as Michael Scott in The Office during which he quickly became a household name. However, he has had success in...