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The Streaming Wars Begin

2019 was a pivotal year in television. Last year we saw the emergence of two powerful new streaming platforms, Apple TV+ and Disney+, with the potential to pull eyes away from the Netflix behemoth, a number of runaway hit shows, new pop culture spaces left open by the end of a massive franchise, and the rise of Baby Yoda.

Using Goodviews’ analytics tools, we can take apart all of this data and look at how the tv and streaming wars progressed over the course of this tumultuous year.

Our algorithm measures the popularity of specific shows, so in circumstances where a show is available on multiple networks, we default to the network that owned the rights to air it in the United States in 2019.

For details on how we assign our scores, please refer to the sidebarto the information below.

How Goodviews scores are calculated

Every day Goodviews aggregates all of the public data available about a show's popularity: its Google search activity, social media engagement, torrent downloads, Wikipedia pageviews, and more. Goodviews assigns a weight to each score, and creates daily charts ranking all shows based on their aggregate scores.

For these charts, we're looking at the days each show was in the Top 25 overall, as a method of determining how often a show was in the pop culture zeitgeist in 2019. You can adjust that metric and others by Customizing any chart.

Show scores are measured by adding the value of each daily rank for days it was in the Top 25 across the year. Network scores are calculated by aggregating shows that had one or more full seasons available on their service in 2019.

More about Goodviews

Goodviews generates daily Billboard-style charts for television by aggregating all the publicly available data about a show's popularity. In addition to overall charts, Goodviews has breakdowns by network and genre and the ability to see how show's popularity changes over time.

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