About Goodviews
Tracking TV shows by their popularity online.
Goodviews data
Goodviews tracks the online performance of hundreds of TV shows. Each day, we scrape millions of data points from a broad set of sources including: Google Trends search volume, pageviews and other data from popular TV websites, social media activity from services including Reddit and Twitter, torrent download data, and more. We use this data to create daily performance charts.
Each of these pieces of data tells a different story about the popularity of a television show.
We are constantly updating and improving to make sure we have the most accurate charts possible.
Why measure online engagement?
The TV industry is changing fast. Traditional networks have long relied on advertising, but many new streaming networks are shifting to a subscription model. Subscribers are won through word of mouth. Cultural relevancy. Online engagement. Buzz. At Goodviews, we're tracking the metrics that tell the story of online audience engagement.
The Goodviews team
Goodviews is built in Los Angeles. If you have any questions or would just like to say hello, please feel free to reach out: contact@goodviews.tv.
Thanks to the TMDb and EpisoDate.com. Goodviews is not associated with TMDb or EpisoDate.com.